WorkWise Kauai is a proud member of the American Job Center network
Kauai Workforce Investment Board makes sure the needs of employers and job seekers are met.

The Board has undertaken the challenge of developing a workforce system a "One-Stop" consortium, which cultivates needed individual and organizational investment through education and training opportunities.

The KWIB, Kauai Workforce Investment Board, is currently made up of 25 members authorized to make local decisions regarding workforce development strategies and policies under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. These members include representatives of businesses (majority), local educational entities, labor organizations, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, and representatives of each of the one-stop partners (WorkWise Kauai One-Stop Job Center).
Vision To develop the skills of the entire workforce of Kauai and to ensure a smoothly functioning local economy.
Mission To support the economic development of Kauai through the workforce development system.
  • To create and maintain a comprehensive, coordinated, and continuously improving employment and training system that incorporates all of the principles of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. These include universal access to services, seamless service delivery through a One-Stop system, customer choice and satisfaction.
  • To continuously involve local businesses and County economic initiatives in the development and provision of employment and training services.
  • To continuously improve workplace skill levels and earnings for all Kauai's workforce, including the employed, the underemployed, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.
  • To instill in the island's workforce the value of life-long learning.
  • To instill in the youth of the County, workplace values and attitudes which are prerequisites for success in a globally competitive workforce.
  • Bring together all segments of the community, including business, federal, state and county government, education and service providers to create and continuously improve the island’s workforce development system.
  • Coordinate and complement workforce development activities with the County’s economic development initiatives.
  • Emphasize, educate, and reinforce those workplace values and attitudes that will give the island’s workforce and businesses the ability to quickly respond to technological and/or global economic changes.
Members' Roles The board focus is on strategic planning, policy development and oversight of budget and employment and training at WorkWise Kauai, also known as the One-Stop system. The Federal Register (§661.305) states:
  1. Developing the five-year local workforce investment plan (Local Plan) and conducting oversight of the One-Stop system, youth activities and employment and training activities under title I of WIA, in partnership with the chief elected official (CEO-Mayor);
  2. Selecting One-Stop operators with the agreement of the CEO;
  3. Selecting eligible youth service providers based on the recommendations of the youth council, and identifying eligible providers of adult and dislocated worker intensive services and training services, and maintaining a list of eligible providers with performance and cost information.
  4. Developing a budget for the purpose of carrying out the duties of the Local Board, subject to the approval of the CEO;
  5. Negotiating and reaching agreement on local performance measures with the CEO and the Governor;
  6. Assisting the Governor in developing the Statewide employment statistics system under the Wagner-Peyser Act;
  7. Coordinating workforce investment activities with economic development strategies and developing employer linkages; and
  8. Promoting private sector involvement in the Statewide workforce investment system through effective connecting, brokering, and coaching activities through intermediaries such as the One-Stop operator in the local area or through other organizations, to assist employers in meeting hiring needs.
Executive Committee Members
  • Steve Lupkes, Chair • BASF
  • Irving Soto, Ex-Officio • Kaua‘i Community Federal Credit Union
  • Bruce Getzan • Kaua‘i Community College, OCET
  • Jonathan Chun • Proudfoot Wilson & Chun LLC
  • Eric Nordmeier • Workforce Development Division
Board of Directors
  • Kurt Akamine • Ohana Pacific Management Company
  • Katie Gov • Macy’s West
  • MaBel Fujiuchi • Kaua‘i Economic Opportunity, Inc.
  • Sheryl Grady • Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
  • Dora Lane • Alu Like, Inc.
  • Michael Machado • ILWU
  • Sean Mahoney • Carpenter’s Union Local 745
  • Lisa McDonald • DOE-Kauai Community School for Adults
  • Kevin Mince • Kaua‘i Rural Development Project
  • Lisa Nakamura • DLIR - Unemployment Insurance
  • John Latkiewicz • Small Business Development Center
  • Mary Navarro • Hale ‘Opio Kaua‘i, Inc.
  • Diane Zachary • Kaua‘i Planning & Action Alliance
  • Solette Perry • Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation
  • Kamika Smith • Smith’s Motor Boat Service, Inc.
  • Lisa Ubay-Carvalho • Princeville Operating Company
  • Layne Shigeta • DHS - Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Mattie Yoshioka • Kaua‘i Economic Development Board
  • Tricia Yamashita • Girl Scout Council of Hawai‘i
  • Sandy Poehnelt • The Right Slice
  • Canen Ho‘okano • Pacific Lighting & Power
  • Ike Cockett • Davidson Hotels Corporation
  • Daniel Hamada • Department of Education
Ka‘eo Bradford • WIA Administrator, Office of Economic Development

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