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Youth Services

Vision "All youth, particularly those most in need, will acquire the necessary skills to successfully transition into further education, training, careers and adulthood."
Youth Program Principles
  • Provide a single funding stream for all local areas, in addition to resources for areas with high poverty and unemployment
  • Responsibility for design placed under guidance of the local Youth Council
  • Strong business involvement
  • Moves from one-time, short-term interventions to consolidated approach
  • Features a broad array of youth
Youth Provider

Paxen, (Huli Ke Alo)

For additional information and program eligibility contact:

Peggy Granda
WIA About Face Site Manager
Paxen Huli Ke Alo, LLC

4444 Rice Street, Suite 302
Lihue, HI 96766
Office: (808) 274-3056 Ext. 19
Cell: (808) 631-7650
Fax: (808) 274-3059
Out-of-School Program The About Face Out-Of-School Program is offered to disadvantaged youth, ages 16-21, who are no longer attending school. The program begins with a two-week class using a curriculum that is specifically designed to address work readiness and occupational skills and to prepare the youth for work experience and job placement. These goals are addressed and met through interactive training modules, followed by actual participation in work experience. This approach allows the participants to not only receive training in employ-ability skills, but also begin to immediately apply those skills in the workplace.


  • Pre-employment Work Maturity Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Working Basics Life Skills
  • Work Experience
Kamaʻaina Careers
For years, Kauaʻi has watched as many of its children leave the island for the mainland to get an education, and, not finding enough opportunity at home, they stay on the mainland.
Appropriately dubbed "Kamaʻaina Come Home," the program was developed over a decade ago as a grassroots collaboration of the Economic Development Boards, as a means of increasing the state's labor pool by targeting Hawaii college students and expatriates living in the continental U.S. to return to Hawaii.
This program has become a successful pathway home for many expatriates. A partnership effort between County of Kauaʻi, Office of Economic Development and Kama`aina Careers, a Hawaii job referral company based on the West Coast, has taken the program on the road.
Kamaʻaina Careers attend various job fairs and college events across the United States and attendees get an overview of the economy and workforce trends in Hawaii, hear about the specific needs on each of the islands, and learn about resources available to help them search for jobs.
The program has been successful in bringing qualified kamaʻaina back to the Islands and in doing so, reuniting families.

In-School Program

In-School Activities

The In-School youth program will serve youth ages 14 - 18 who are still enrolled in school. Comprehensive case management will be given to each youth enrolled in the program. Participants will be counseled, mentored and assessed for needed assistance. The About Face Staff will coordinate with the schools to follow the participant's academic growth.

Case Management

Case Management will be an ongoing activity for each participant in order to track his or her progress through the year. This case manager will be the case manager as well as the participants mentor. While activities are being conducted in a classroom format, the low student/teacher ratio allows for ample opportunities for individualized training and counseling.


  • Business Perspectives
  • Career Exploration
  • Interpersonal & Group Communication Skills
  • Life Coping Skills
  • Pre-Employment/Work Maturity Skills
  • Remediation
  • Decisions
  • Work Experience

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