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Knowing what questions to ask is as important as knowing what not to ask.

Whether you're writing a job listing or sitting down to interview a candidate, there tips will help you cut to the chase!

Find tips below based on some of employers most common questions. More tips available through our links page. For confidential individual advice and help with accessing the specific information you need, contact WorkWise Kauai directly.
  • Describe the job not the applicant. That means focus on duties and responsibilities needed to do the work, not individual personality characteristics.
  • Advertise for hard skills like professional experience, aptitudes, abilities. Job descriptions like "highly energetic, good communicator" are open to interpretation and will bring lots of different people through the door, many of which may not have critical skills needed to do the job. A more specific job listing will be more interesting to qualified applicants, and will save the time of those who are not a good fit for the position.
  • Make a clear distinction between what skills and experience are required and what is preferred, but not required. Many times the best candidate does not have all the preferred skills, but they may bring something else to the table.
  • Good communication skills and Aloha Spirit are important to many employers here on Kauai, but these words often mean different things to different people. There are many ways to be a great communicator. Be as specific as possible about how those skills will be applied and what result you are looking for: i.e. to deliver great customer service to high-end diners, to sell new prospects and close the deal, to lead a team of wait staff, etc.)
  • Review your application form to make sure it's legal and up to date.
  • Be clear how you want interested persons to you want them to call, fax, email, mail or walk-in? When is an appropriate time to contact you?
  • Provide as much information about the wage range and benefits as you're willing to give. Job openings without specific wage ranges get significantly fewer responses, and often are avoided by the most qualified candidates.
  • If you say "no experience required," really mean it. Many jobs that are simple may still require some basic identify what those requirements are.
  • Are there any other requirements like college degree, high school diploma or driver's license needed?
  • The bottom line: the more specific you are at the time of listing, the more likely you are to find the right person with the least amount of time invested. A strong job listing not only attracts the right people, it also establishes a criteria for reviewing the applicants you interview.
Note: One benefit of WorkWise Kauai listings is that there is no word limit. Take the time to describe the job in how ever many words it takes to define the responsibilities.
  • Set an agenda for the interview...what do you want to cover? The job listing was a good start for making the first cut. Now it's time to determine the best candidate. Come in with a clear criteria of what points you need to review to make a decision.
  • Yes and no questions generally receive yes or no answers.
  • Open ended "what" and situational questions will allow you to get to know the interviewee's thinking more. For instance, "what would you do in XYZ situation? how would you respond to that challenge?"
  • Since you've defined the key responsibilities, ask directly how the applicant would accomplish them. This is a great way to learn which candidate has the ability to do the job and see how they work.
  • Note any performance measures...and find out, how did they do in their past job?
  • The interview is the opportunity to observe "soft skills" like professionalism, communication, personal presentation and maturity. Identify what soft skills are most important for success in the position and address them during the interview.
  • Always remember to keep the questions legal. For more information on legal interview questions, go to the links page.
  • Note how the candidates handle themselves after the interview...did they follow up? send a thank you note or a call?
  • Remember to bring your professionalism and Aloha Spirit too...the candidates are also interviewing you!
Note: WorkWise Kauai facilities are available to conduct in-person interviews or teleconferencing.
For more information on hiring, look through our employer links.

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